Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Honest Scrap

(be warned that this post is lengthy. I mean really lengthy, I got carried away...)

It is called the honest scrap award and these are the rules...

A) First list 10 honest things about yourself--and make it interesting even if you have to dig deep.
B) Pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of Honest Scrap...

1. When it comes to doing laundry in general, I don't mind it so much. The loading and unloading, even the folding isn't so bad. But the thing that I hate to do probably more than any other household chore is to put the laundry away once it's folded. It's really bizarre that it bothers me so much because it takes what, like 3 minutes? And that's including hanging all of my shirts and pants in the closet (definately the Worst of the worst). Silly, but I can't deny it. I really hate it.

2. Lately I've taken to brushing my teeth with my eyes closed. My friend Mari told me once that she always closes her eyes while brushing her teeth, and although that was almost a year ago, it obviously stayed with me:) Because a few days ago I remembered it and gave it a try. It's great! It's just a nice quiet moment you spend with yourself, focusing only on getting those teeth minty fresh, making it even more satisfying when the job is done. Give it a try!

3. You know how some kids want to grow up to be a fireman or a ballerina? My secret ambition was to be a Marine Biologist.
Okay, so I didn't exactly say that when asked. But I always wanted to be one of the trainers at Sea World who jump off Shamoo's nose. Come to find that's the degree you need and I watched that fantasy spiral down the toilet. Biology is my worst subject. But Orca whales have always been my favorite animal, even before I went to Sea World. I don't really know where that came from. And it's ironic now because Rich is pretty much terrified of whales. Guess it just wasn't meant to be...

4. The smell of cigarette smoke mixed with sunshine always makes me feel like I'm on vacation. I can't exactly explain why that makes sense, but I'll give it a try.
You know when your someplace where smoke isn't just something you wiff as you pass someone, but it actually seems to be everywhere, part of the air? That has never been the case with anywhere that I've lived, I've most often experienced it on vacation. And I'm ussually on vacation during the summer when it's sunny!
That's the only explanation I can come up with. Weird. But even when we go somewhere like the Gateway, I feel like I'm on vacation and it makes me really excited. Call me crazy, I know, it's just one of those weird flashback sort of feelings.

5. I was trying to think of my favorite food, and I've narrowed it down. Peanut Butter and Cheese. Not by themselves, but in things. All of my favorite candies and ice creams have peanut butter (reeses pieces, peanut butter panic, etc) and all of my favorite foods involve cheese of some kind (cheddar sun chips, cheetos, cheese-its, pasta with parmesan, the list goes on forever). So that pretty much sums things up. Besides the fact that I LOVE avocados, and they involve neither PB or Cheese.

6. One of my earliest childhood memories (well not earliest, but earlier):
My brother Eric had a best friend whos name was Tyler. Tyler was dreamy. Blond flowing hair and blue eyes. And more importantly he was very nice to me, which is really saying something because I can't imagine I was in the 'pleasant company' stage of life. I'm thinking I was maybe 6 or 7.
I was quite the artist in my young age and I decided to win Tyler over with my talent. I was going to make him a very special card (for what occasion I don't know, maybe halloween?) I spent a good part of my morning crafting his card that had a special pumpkin pop-out in the center. I was so excited for Tyler to come over so I could give it to him, but when the time came the card was nowhere to be found. I searched high and low and in my despair collapsed in a crying heap in front of the sink, just as Tyler was coming up the stairs. He sat next to me and asked me what was wrong. I told him, and being the NICE boy that he was, he helped me look for it and we eventually we did find it:) His kindness won my little heart. And that is the tale of my first love.

7. Ever since I got married and have my own space, my own fridge, my own front door, etc. I have become obsessed with crafts. (this is probably neither surprising or interesting, but it is honest) I love all sorts; sewing, card-making, painting, scrapbooking, home decorating. It is truly one of my favorite pastimes, I should have majored in crafts. Not that I don't LOVE playing my cello, but compare the amount of time it takes to make a masterpiece craft to the amount of time it takes to play a masterpiece on the cello. See what I mean? I love them both for different reasons, but when it comes to quick and satisfying, crafting takes the cake.
I'm thinking of making my own craft blog, what do you think?

8. My right leg is about 1 inch longer than my left leg. Who knows why. I first discovered this in 8th grade when I made pajama pants. These were the types of pants where you couldn't really tell which was the front and which was the back, and every once in awhile I would put them on and the right pant leg would be so short! I finally laid them down on the ground to investigate and I realized that there was an inch difference in my hem job because I pinned the hem while I was wearing the pants. So that's how I found out, and it 's been annoying me ever since.

9. I am clumbsy. I didn't realize this about myself until I started to try and do things like cook. I am always spilling, spattering, smearing, and knocking things over. I think I've finally gotten to the point where I can just laugh.

10. My most memorable birthday was when I turned 17, heres the story...
Me and a bunch of my friends went and had dinner or something (thats not the memorable part) and afterward we went up to our favorite park that is up in front of the capitol building. This park has a huge field in which we liked to play our favorite game. The game is simple and wildly entertaining: two people stand apart from each other in a field. One yells "GO" and they both start twirling in circles as fast as they can. They other yells "STOP" and they each immediately try to run across the field and hug each other.
Needless to say I was laughing so hard and I really needed to relieve my waters, but there was NO restroom to be found, ANYWHERE nearby. I had to go so bad that finally two of my guy friends took me to a neighboring house and bravely knocked on the door. An old grumpy man opened the door and when we explained our need he looked at us and said "are you kidding me?" We werent kidding, I was very serious. He let me in to use the bathroom but he made my friends stay out on the porch.
So the reason that this is my most memorable birthday is because of the humiliation, terror, and the aftermath hilarity.

Thats the end, are you relieved? I dug deep and tried to make it interesting.

I dub the honest scrap tag to these 7 people...
Mari Lowder, Dani Brant, Kelly Brown, Steph Brown, Sami Stanton, Laura Moffitt and Lisa Moore.