Thursday, January 14, 2010

Crazy but true, Noah's had his first flu...

Noah woke up way too early this morning. So I was cuddling with him on the couch and he was being crazy cute. As soon as I sat up he reached to give me a big hug and ****(insert sound that throw-up makes)! Throw up all down my back and covering the couch cushion behind me. Yay. Poor little tike:) It's okay, atleast it was my back, not my face, could have been worse. And it was a pretty quick little flue, might have even just been something he ate.
I've been pretty fortunate up until now not to have delt with throwup (not spitup) at all. Can't complain.
Well, I'm off to the store to buy some Febreeze. I need to get rid of this stench....

Friday, January 1, 2010

Best New Years Ever!

I've always had plans on new years. There is always some party to go to or friends that want to hang out.
This year? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. New years eve kind of snuck up on us actually, and though we fully intended to make big plans, it just didn't happen. All three of us have been fighting major colds all week so we've been totally lazy (so nice). Then my brother and his family have been in town so we've been hanging out with them every night and watching movies till all hours (so fun). And really, we've enjoyed ourselves so much that by new years eve we just wanted more! So although Eric and Andrea had previous engagements, we continued the movie tradition and just laid low eating popcorn. At about 12:20 we realized that we were so involved in our movie that we totally missed the new year, so we kissed and had a few seconds of celebration from our comfy position on the couch, and continued on.
So low key, but I totally enjoyed myself! I guess what I mean is that this has been the best week ever:) And I'm fully aware that it's almost over, and thats fine. It wouldn't be enjoyable forever. But this break has been just what the doctor ordered (despite the fact that we are all sickies), and after this, I can deal with school and work and real life. Bring it on.