Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Babe!

Love This Guy.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Noah just had his first blow-out diaper in atleast 6 months. I fooled myself into thinking I was done with them.
Now I find myself missing those runny, milky newborn blowouts, as apposed to recognizing last nights dinner smeared all over my baby's back. And I'm kind of missing what I used to think was a blow out, as apposed to a blow out-up-over-around.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Noah and I have been studying anatomy. He's really good at hair, eyes, nose, mouth, tounge, teeth, ears, hands, and feet.
And we've recently learned neck.
He has this strange fascination with it. He likes to grab my neck and squeeze as hard as he can with a scary fanatical face expression. And once I pry his fingers off he laughs hysterically. If I didn't know any better, I would be terrified. I still might be.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

The First House...

Here we are, walking up the driveway to our first trick-or-treating house. He thinks we are just coming for a normal visit to great-grandma and grandpa. Little does he know....Either way, he's pretty thrilled with this kitty-cat bag he gets to carry around. He's just not yet aware of how cool that bag will soon become."I got to ring the doorbell all by myself! Hey, why are you guys all standing so far away from me? Whats going on...""Here comes Grandma! Quick Noah, say Trick-or-treat! Hold up your bag hold up your bag!"
"What? This super cool bag? Okay okay stop shouting at me..."

"What is this...she's holding these out for me to take? Just for me? As many as I want? (he took 3) I wont say no to that...""Alright I'm outta here! And they're not even going to stop me! I could get used to this..."(And he did)After making a few stops around our neighborhood we went over to Rich's sister's house and went Trick-or-treating with all of the cousins. He made quite a haul! Even though we skipped almost every other house because he was too slow. Half-way through he quit walking all together and we had to take turns towing him around. He was pretty beat by the end but was as happy as a clam!
This is him with the tickle of blood that we added after dinner, I think it was a nice touch:)
I'm too proud to go without adding that I made his cape! I originally did it to save money because the fabric was half off, but it ended up being way cuter than anything else we had been looking at buying! I was pleased to say the least. I have to brag about all of my sewing conquests for the time being, maybe once it becomes a more regular thing I'll shut up about it, but till then... Here's our festive fam, I went as a witch (well, the top half of me atleast, you can't see my killer purple eyelashes) and Rich went as Danny from Greese (he had to take advantage of his incredibly long hair).
Hope everyone had a fabulous Halloween!