Monday, December 29, 2008

A Holly Jolly Christmas

We had a fabulous Christmas this year, filled with lots of good times with family, which is the most important thing. We spent about an equal amount of time with each and loved every minute of it!

This is Noah on Christmas Eve riding a decorative rocking horse that was just his size!Check out his darling Christmas attire, he's pretty thrilled.This is him looking a little bit bleary-eyed waking up at Grandma Poulsen's Christmas morning, it was a pretty rough night...His favorite present was the magical wrapping paper. You just can't beat that wonderful noise that it makes.And then his second favorite present, but one that gets to stick around for awhile. He loves his toy garden (thats not what it's called, but I can't remember the name of it, and toy garden sounds much more fun anyway) just as long as someone is close enough to watch him and all the cool stuff he can do. Once you leave the room he doesn't think it's quite so cool. The boy enjoys an audience.And last but not least we ended the holiday with some sweat moments under the Christmas tree. Come to find Noah really LOVES christmas trees and he's the happiest boy on earth when he is lying beneath them. It was a great way to conclude Christmas Day.

The Midway Excursion

The Poulsen fam is forming a tradition of gathering at a condo in Midway the weekend before Christmas. As we are all having to share families and some come from out of town, this assures us a time that we can all be together. Rich and I were in charge of planning it this year and I think it was a big success! It started out with a family picture. There have been a few additions (including myself) to the family since the last portrait, so it's good to finally get an updated one. I think it turned out rather nice, especially since we were just using the timer on our very non-fancy camera. Noah enjoyed reuniting with some of his cousins for the first time since he was a few days old. Aden loved Noah and was constantly trying to give him open mouthed kisses. As cute as it was I had to put a stop to it since all of the kids were carrying around sicknesses.
A few of the group took a major snowshoeing hike and had a jolly good time. It was snowing pretty bad up there!
We had tons of fun for a couple days and it was good to see everyone together.And we ended the gettaway with sledding. Thanks for everyone's help in making the magic happen!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Sometimes when your changing a diaper and your in a hurry to get back to watching 'The Biggest Loser' finale, you forget to button up your sons onesie before you put his pants back on. Oh well. This way he wont be able to pull those sweats off and run around pantless, because he's always tryin' to do that! Leave it to my babe to make me laugh

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Running out of Patience

Sure am hating this drive by now. Can't wait to be done.
9 more days!!!