Tuesday, November 18, 2008

It's my Babe's Birthday!!!

He turns a quarter of a century old today!!! And he's still as cute as ever:)
I Love you babe, I hope you have an excellent day!!!

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5 things I did 10 years ago...
1. entered Young Womens
2. started wearing make-up
3. got to go to good old Junior High
4. broke my leg
5. started taking private cello lessons

5 things on my 'to do' list today...
1. grocery shopping
2. laundry
3. dishes
4. practice cello
5. Celebrate Rich's B-day! Yay! Something exciting!

5 snacks I enjoy...
1. Goldfish crackers
2. tootsie rolls
3. french fries
4. guacamole
5. milk

5 things I would do if I was a millionaire...
1. buy a nice home
2. take a really nice vacation with Rich
3. buy Rich a subaru outback
4. buy myself a Toyota Camry
5. save the rest!

5 places I have lived...
1. Mesa Arizona
2. Murray Utah
3. Orem Utah
4. Provo Utah
5. Murray Utah, again

5 jobs I have had...
1. Police Cadet for Murray City :)
2. Server at the Brick Oven
3. Call center
4. McCoy's Furniture Sales Assistant
5. Personal assistant at Envision Lending

5 people I tag...
1. Dani
2. Kelly
3. Steph
4. Mari
5. Kim (c'mon Kim, you can do it!)

Friday, November 7, 2008


I just had to post this picture because I think it's so adorable. Check out his little dimples!


I know these pictures are a little bit overdue, but they're worth a look. We had fun putting together costumes this year.
Don't be confused, we did mix eras a little bit, but oh well. I ended up looking like an 80's disco dancer (thanks to this gem of a shirt, compliments of Savers). Rich has got the fro with clothes more from the seventies. And Noah is our little Hippie child! His costume is definately my favorite. So hardcore. These are some pictures from our ward Halloween carnival. Noah was sleeping through most of it unfortunately, but if you'll just take a look, yes.....that is a onesie...Tie Dyed! Compliments of me! It took me three tries to get it right, but if anyone needs lessons on tie dying, just ask the expert. I may have come up with my own method, but it worked out in the end.Rich tweaked these ones in Photoshop. Makes a pretty handsome afro man huh?What do you think? Do you think I could go blonde?Finally, Noah woke up long enough to say "was up." Look at those muscles!!!Now this is our pumpkin. We bought the sweetest pumpkin and by the time we got around to carving it (Halloween Night) the top of it had started to mold. So we had to cut it off. Making it perfectly acccesible to put on your head of course! We don't really know what it is, but it looks pretty cool!