Wednesday, February 18, 2009

baby boobs

He just hasn't quite figured out how to get that food to his mouth. We're working on it...

Happy LOVE Day!

Valentines Day Morning Rich surprised me with a bouquet full of...candy! Original huh? I thought so. Saved us a bit of money as well. It was really sweet (literally! hee hee!). He also got me a couple of great chick flicks to add to my collection. We Spent the day being totally lazy and sleeping in, and then we spent a couple of hours delivering Valentines to our friends and family. I had made some yummy goodies for the occasion, both of which I forgot to take pictures of, which saddens me greatly. I like to have my work documented. But I swear that my chocolate covered strawberries looked just like this!(okay so not exactly like this, but honestly I did try all those fancy things with the coconut and the nuts, both milk and white chocolate. I got kind of crazy. And even though they weren't quite as perfect as these ones, the idea was the same and they were deliciouse)

I also made these really yummy little treats that I don't know the name of, but we'll call them 'Deliciouse Salty Sweets' (because thats what they are). All you do it put a bunch of pretzels on a cookie sheet on top of wax paper. Set a kiss on each pretzel and put the them in the oven at 200 degrees for ten minutes. When you take them out the kisses will still have their shape but they will be all gooey. Then you take M&Ms (or any candy I guess, but I like M&Ms because there are usually M&Ms the color of the upcoming holiday) and squish them on the kisses. Then put them in the freezer until the chocolate is hard.
I'm sure you could come up with a million variations of this, but it's really yummy and in the end they look like they took a lot more work than they did!

Later in the day Rich made me a DELICIOUSE steak dinner!He's pretty much a wiz in the kitchen.

He we in charge of dinner and I was in charge of dessert. I know I already shared a "recipe" but this cake was SO good and SO easy that I have to share. I got it off studio 5...
Chocolate Eclair Cake

2 small (3.4oz) packages French vanilla instant pudding

1 package graham crackers

3 cups milk (don't use skim milk)

8 ounces Cook Whip (don't use fat free)

1 (16oz) container milk chocolate frosting

Add the milk and pudding, stir, and fold in the cool whip.

Grease a 9*13 pan with butter and layer graham crackers along the bottom of pan. Use 1/3 of the pudding mixture and layer on top of the graham crackers.

Continue the layers until there are 4 graham cracker layers (grahams should be on bottom and top) and 3 pudding mixture layers.

Warm the Container of frosting for 30 seconds in the microwave, or until slightly runny. Poor frosting over last graham layer and spread with spatula.

Chill in refrigerator at least 4 hours (overnight is best). You can also freeze the cake (making it a little better for presentation)

We wrapped up the day watching the movies Rich bought me. It was a perfect, relaxed, and comfortable day. Thanks babe for the best LOVE day ever! XOXO

Wednesday, February 11, 2009


This is our friend Sammy. He lives...well, on either end of the stone wall that fences in our backyard. Noah's window and the window behind our computer both face that wall. It is a favorite past time of ours to sit on the little twin bed that we keep in his room and stare out the window, especially when it's snowing. And then both Rich and I spend our fare share of time sitting in front of our computer.
Sammy brings much joy to our lives when we spot him (several times a day) scurrying back and forth across the top of the wall, holding something that I cannot identify. (believe it or not he JUST ran by to say good morning, no joke) You know the simple joy (atleast for me) that comes with spotting live wild animals habitating so close to your habitat! Even when it is something so small as a squirrel. To be honest this is not a real picture of Sammy, I wish we were that friendly, but I swear it looks just like him.

Friday, February 6, 2009


When it comes to cracking an egg, I am hopeless. Honestly, I can't remember the last time I made something involving an egg and I didn't have to pick a shell out. It's kind of embarassing seeing as this is a skill we were supposed to have mastered in 8th grade homemaking. I must have been in denial all these years, but I have finally come to the realization that this really is a simple skill that I should be able to do. Especially with my recent aspiring ambitions to become a great chef.

So, I must be doing something wrong. I know I know, theres nothing to it right? What is there that I could be doing wrong? Well I ask you, do you have to pick out egg shells every time you crack an egg?

If you know a secret please let me in on it. Maybe I should take video of myself cracking an egg and post it for critiques.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


The best part about doing dishes is Definately when you reach for the soap so you can squeeze some onto your sponge and all those mini magical bubbles squirt out and fill your face with a lemony aroma. I think it happens more often when your soap is full. I just bought a new bottle of soap and it happens every time I grab it. Love it.