Friday, August 20, 2010

So, when did I get old?

So I haven't been to Lagoon since our 9th grade 'Lagoon Day.' Count 'em up and thats 8 years my friends. I haven't been on any ride for that matter since I was 17, 6 years ago. For years and years I have been dying to get back on a rollercoaster, or anything that moves really.
We have our 4th anniversary coming up (actually next Tuesday) and decided that we really needed to get out and do something besides dinner, toddler free. We wanted to celebrate before school started so this past Tuesday we decided to head out of town, all the way to Bountiful. Exotic, I know, but it really was just what the doctor ordered. Noah was safe and happy with Grandma and Grandpa, and we found a sweet little deal at an Inn in Bountiful. It was SO wonderful to just get away for a night, do our own thing free from responsibility and free from people who know us:)
The next morning we headed to Lagoon. It's no DisneyLand, but it's a step in the right direction, and a bit more in our budget. We were both SO excited to have an ENTIRE DAY just to ourselves to do whatever we wanted. We were giddy.
We ran right over to the rocket and started the day with Blast Off. I was in heaven. Next we went on Re-entry. I was still in heaven and Rich loved finding out just how loud I was capable of screeming.
Next we went on the Samuri. This ride was brand new the last time I was at Lagoon and I remember it being my very favorite and I rode it like a dozen times. Needless to say I didn't feel the same about it this time. I had to sit down for a minute and let me stomach re-orient itself, but I convinced myself I was okay, just needed to the next ride to be a little less spinny and loopy.
We went on that dinky little rollercoaster next to the sky coaster, called 'the jet star'? I think?
I will never ride that one again, thats for sure.
It was everything I could do to not lose my breakfast through that entire ride, start to finish. I sat there with my eyes closed and my hands over my mouth, just praying that I wouldn't puke. As soon as our car stopped I was running down the ramp to the nearest garbage can (which was very near, thank heavens) and up-chucking over the side. I looked up to see Rich just staring at me with the most bewildered expression, not knowing what to think. He couldn't decide if it was funny or sad, but it was most definately unexpected.
I had expressed my concerns about motion sickness to him before we got there, wondering if my post-baby self would be able to do the same rides. He obviously didn't take me very seriously, and honestly I was almost positive that I would be fine. I just know that my parents can't do spinny rides anymore, so I knew eventually old age would probably limit my abilities. I just didn't think 23 was old.
Throwing up in a garbage can became hilarious to me as soon as I had finished. I couldn't believe that I was 'that girl.' So we had a good laugh and went to fetch the dramamine that I had thrown in our bag as a precaution (thank goodness!!!). I got some sprite and we walked around, wanting to be sure I had settled before riding anything else. As a way to kill time we hopped on that little choo-choo train that takes you around to see all the animals (who knew Lagoon had tigers and lions? I had no idea). It was when that little train made me sick that I knew I need a serious break from motion. So we headed to Lagoona beach for a few hours, soaked up some sun and had a great time. By the time we were dressed and fed, I was feeling 100%.
The rest of the day was spent spinning, looping, screeming, and laughing. We watched some shows, indulged in our favorite amusement park treats, played some games and won a couple of stuffed animals for Noah. We finished the day off with a ride on the Ferris wheel (where Rich may or may not have stuck his tounge in my mouth) and enjoyed the beautiful nighttime view of the park.
All in all it was a perfect day, mostly because it was us.
Now I know that dramamine is a necessity when going to an amusement park. But I blame the motion sickness on the baby messing with my insides and switching them all up. I am most definately not OLD.